creating a github Library

for this week lab we was instructed to create a simple library that can perform some simple task, such as calculate different hash codes,read file size, and display file name with out the path. this task was to be performed by using one of five Language. JavaScript (or TypeScript) and node.js, Python, Rust, Go, or Swift; i descended on going  with python because of its growing in popularity. getting started with python was fairly easy; the syntax makes it easy to write and not hard to read,but difficult to analyze. i was able to find some open source python code that i can re use,but decided to try and implement them my self so i can get some better understanding of how python works. the second part of this task was to create a git-repo with the appropriate License,and a well documented read me file instruction on how someone can  use or make changes to the library.

we were also  ask to contribute to someone else library, but at this time i have not yet gotten the chance to do so.


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