Mozilla first Bug

the  plan for my first bug fix “0.1 release” was to play to my strengths.  i wanted to work on bugz that affected languages such as c++,java or python with the hopes of learning some real world problem solving that can be applied to my resume. a good portion of the bugs that a listed under “Good first bug” seem to be aimed at more front end languages like java script, css and so on. this issues made landing a bug a bit tricky. it took me two weeks to land my first bug. the bug that i landed was css base and was asking to Remove the dotted focus border from selected row. this one seem very simply at first. the instruction was straight forward.

  1. clone Mozilla central
  2. build the repo
  3. use yarn to inspect what was causing the issues

using yarn to find the issue took some time, and some assistance from my professor. we decide to apply “outline: none !important” to the request-list-item .after submitting the patch i was old that by using “outline: none !important” would cause future problem when debugging the css, and  should look into using “:-moz-focusring”. after doing some more research i  finally fix the problem, and proceed with submitting the final patch. after my submission a users pointed out that by removing the dotted line might cause a break in the keyboard accessibility. after this they decided that it would be best to leave the bug as it is  so we won’t break the keyboard navigation. i was very disappointed with this decision, but was happy that i made some progress


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