Bug Release 0.2

with this semester coming to a close, we where giving our second  and last bug release. my confidence has been shattered after my completion of my first bug release. at this point in my computer programming journey i can be completely honest to say that this is not my cup of tea. due to the fact that i  like to know what i am doing before i do it. most of these bugs are focus on a language that is some what foreign to me. this time around we are encourage to find more challenging bugs,but my goal was to try and find something more simple like erase some lines or change functions name etc, but no such luck.

i have decide to work on a Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools project that as issues with java-script not displaying the styles properly in console logs. i believe that is will be a good project to show some growth and help me to  build back my confidence. i  will also create a fail proof plan just in-case that this bug don’t work out


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