Bug Release 0.2 Update

Hello Again as i previously stated in my introduction for Release 2.0  my confident was shattered going in to this project. but after spending some Time to properly research the bug before i ask to be assigned. i was very confident that i had the ability to solve this bug. the issues in question needed to Styled console logs with unit-less line-height default to px unit. this seems to only affect the new Mozilla fronted even though the server was returning the correct style


after consulting with my professor.he took to time to help me get up to speed with some java-script that might help me to solve this bug. both my professor and hi was amazed at how the developers was using the bowers to perform some cool debugging. my first approach to this was to leave the code as is,but create a function that would perform some clean up before it reaches the dictionary


The developers suggested that i should create a dictionary with key “line-height” that can also be checked by the browser, but this would seem costly as it would call for more files to be edited.




this define a stub aka JSON objects, and because it was modified it will also needed to updated. i also had to make sure that the browser was able to check if lineHeight style is 1.5 and not 1.5px.


the bug was successfully push for review and is awaiting approval.




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