Getting Started With Angular Material Bug

the journey continues with the second part of Seneca open source project
osd700. osd700 is a 7 release bug base course that gives you the freedom of working on any project large or small. the first project that i decided to work on was based upon helping Kansas city to collect street light data with the hopes of obtaining smarter street lights, but unfortunately it did not work out so i put my focus onto angular material design. angular material s a specification for a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices. the bug that i decide to work out involved the fixing of jshint warnings. This was a simple,but good bug to get me started.

the first issues that i ran into was the building of the material repository, but after having a chat with mt fellow class mate, and professor i was back in business. a easy way to find all the jshint warnings is to run “gulp jshint” from and command prompt inside the project. this little command was a time saver

Example of JSHint fixes

Material Examples:



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