Angular ngx-bootstrap bug fix #3

For my release-0.3 i decided to work on some date-picker issues that seems to be piling up. the first bug that i came across wasn’t really so much as a bug, but i feature request. the user wanted to see the date picker close when the tab button was triggered. the next issues was an actual date picker bug that didn’t allow the user to exit the date picker unless you clicked out side or select some giving date. so i decide to try and work on both of these at the same time.

after doing some research, and reaching out to some people in the community about locating or even getting started it quickly became evident that i had my work cut out for me. so  decided to Digg deep and put some trust in my reliable IDE ‘web storm’  :).

web-storm is a great IDE with some cool features like ‘Find usages’,  and more more that can really come in handy for times like this. Find usages provides different search options depending on whether you are searching for usages of a class, method, field, parameter. after finding what i needed i had to make a decision for the feature request.red_pill_blue_pill-copy3.gif

i could have easily duplicated what was already inside the host: {} and set it to call a hide() function, but i had know idea what i was doing.

i decided to track this small block of code ‘(keyup.esc)’: ‘hide()’ across four files. it took me a couples of days to understand what was going.

it was a headache at times, but the process was a good one.


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