Contributing to the Mozilla code base

navigating sites like bugzilla can become really overwhelming allowing the chance of  getting started with a good first bug to become challenging and some what frustrating. most bugs seem to be limited to front end development languages; forcing me to leave my comfort zone “java”.

this is a list of some of the bugs that i tried to file a request for.

i  made the decision to choose these bugs not because i love JavaScript, but  with the hope that it might give me some experience in my journey of one day a becoming a full stack developer. in my preparation of landing one of these bugs i have began communicating with some developers via “irc” chat and stared to revise and reteaching my self JavaScript, python.


choosing the Right text editor

for this week lab we are going taking a look at some of the best text editors out on the market. the options was Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text 3, vim, and emacs.

made the decision to test drive atom and emacs, because i was already use to vs code and sublime text. the installation process for atom and eamcs is very different,as emacs took some research on how to install it for windows. first lest take a look at both U-I and how to open a file.


doing tabs and space edit on atom is very simple; just hit Shift+CmdP on Mac, Ctrl+ShiftP on Windows/Linux+ and type White space, and on emacs go to customize setup and search tab/space. both atom and emacs have some very useful nba opening night 2017 . to install packages in atom you can click settings/packages or . emacs  involves making edit to the “inti file”; i recommend this tutorial.

top launch atom from cmd juts navigate to install path and run “atom.cmd”. for emacs just navigate to emacs bin folder and “runemacs.exe”.

while both  text editors are great i don’t thing emacs for everybody. check out my list of recommended plugins for both text editors






FireFox Build For Windows

in this week for my open source development lab2, i got the chance to download and build Firefox from my windows PC with  the help of merurcy instructions. the build went fine with just one minor hiccup,my anti virus kept removing files causing me to recive this error.

causing me to turning off my avast and doing a complete re build.
after the successful build i be began to perform some small u-i modifications.



“Kodi” is an open source media center solution, formerly known as “XBMC”, which works on a variety of devices as a do-it-yourself tool to building a set-top box for playing movies, TV, music, and more. It is very easy to  customize, and supports numerous skins, plugins, and a variety of remote control devices ,including its own custom Android remote for your phone.


Technology has always been my passion! Ever since i won my first Dell Laptop at a Kingston Jamaica Trade show. my passion have led me to Ontario Canada were I’m currently enrolled at Seneca York C.P.A Diploma programming .my favorite programming languages are java and python i strive to stay current with technology trends and Software Development,and hope one day to be as good as Barnaby jack.